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to put it out. emergency vehicles raced out of the tsunami zone. >> they're yelling at us that a tsunami is coming right now. they're yelling to get out of the way. we're leaving the area. after more than 1,000 aftershock, there have been many of these warnings. even the emergency crews have lost count. in an evacuation center, we found hoshitimo still traumatized. she told us her mind won't let her remember most of it accept running. these families had 40 minutes to get to safety after the quake. even at this evacuation center a mile and half from the coastline was swallowed in the tsunami five feet high. 82-year-old tomoko said she was frightened. even the cars in the parking lot were floating. more than 1200 people crowded in this one shelter alone. where officials are taking down names, trying to verify just how many are missing. most of the victims from neighborhoods boardered by two waterways. >> this is where the 500 and 600 houses are that are completely damaged. >> the waves moved entire houses, dumping them alongside a river, families trying to stay informed as the government b
us all dressed up and it was the anticipation of going to the shipyard and having a lot of attention, i think, as a child. >> then there was a time when she turned 4, must have been 4, and got the bike. >> my bike was the one with the training wheels, the two wheels and the training wheels. i was scared to go without the training wheels, and my dad was teaching me how to ride it without training wheels. i wasn't really using the wheels. so happy, joyful memories. >> the memoriy ies are how she survived it all, all the trouble. >> holding my mom's hands, having fun with my mom. being in the moment of joy, i don't have bad memories. >> oh, yes, those, the bad memories, like the day everything good went away. it was 1973, though she and her happy little childhood bubble had no idea what year it was. she knows she was almost 5, that it was autumn, that someone came to the door with a plan. >> i remember a woman coming over and knocking on the door. >> that face, of course, is not forgotten, not ever. her name was shirley. she was a friend of her mother's, she said. she said the little gi
i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here, good night. -- captions by vitac -- >>> i was lost. i didn't know i was lost. >> he was tossed from place to place, a child of the streets, who never knew love, and now, he's found it. >> i see me being married, having a family. >> but the demons from his past -- >> i grew up with the anger and hate. >> are threatening him. watch as he summons the courage to change. >> he came in a scared, frightened young man. >> tonight a "dateline" exclusive, we'll take you inside an intense new experience called breakthrough. he will risk it all as our cameras capture it all. >> all i needed was love and all i got was hate. >> painful secrets. >> i'm angry. >> raw emotion. you were there on this powerful journey. can he remake his life with love? >> it's amazing. people get their life back. >> "back from nowhere." >> good evening, and welcome to "dateline." i'm ann curry. you're about to see a transformation, the personal journey of a young man whose difficult childhood was affecting his relationships, and who decid
going to let go of this. >> "trouble in paradise." >>> thanks for joining us, i'm chris hansen. he was an american entrepreneur with a love more adventure who became the target of a strange murder plot half a world away. it's a case that investigators believe they've solved. so why are the suspects still walking free? we traveled the globe for answers. it takes 20 hours or more high above the clouds. a flight from one world to another. to a land of intrigue and mystery. where sometimes there are more questions than answers. and where an american family says someone's gotten away with the perfect crime. >> when i was first told by the fbi agent, i remember i was so upset. i was actually sick. >> a beautiful woman and her dashing fiance, both in the prime of life. then in a house on a quiet road in thailand, it all ended in a hail of bullets. tonight, a story of tangled romance, jealousy and death in one of the world's most exotic locales. a mystery to some, but to american and thai law enforcement authorities, a case of twists and turns that, perhaps, have allowed people to get away
of the mission, the nine-member parachute team from all over the u.s. flew to the staging area in port-au-prince. they were medical workers, a computer technician, an actor, retirees, and pilots. and immediately they prepared to make a jump charged with uncertainty. >> it's almost a guarantee ankle buster or leg buster if you land on that creek. >> the kicker was the parachute team was to jump from a plane used on dday. dropping u.s. paratroopers into normandy 66 years ago. what are you doing here? >> we asked ourself that. ♪ >> and in madore, itself, people were asking that same question, wondering what exactly was going on. some prayed for salvation. others just stared at the sky. engines roaring, the parachute team onboard, phase one of the mission to rescue madore got under way. and stan's old bird lumbered into the air with its vital cargo of cholera medicine. sounds like you keep your fingers crossed and you plunge ahead. >> yes. 18 miles to madore. there's the church. i got the church in sight. >> 20 minutes later they were circling over the drop zone. >> okay. i'm on the down
, reporting from new york for all of us at nbc news, good night. >>> horizontals are a no. a big no. >> they're mean girls. >> you need a bigger size? >> and malicious guys. >> you look like a little sissy girl. >> teenage bullies. >> can you throw the ball like a man, dude. >> tonight they're part of our hidden camera test. >> are you color blind? >> re's the question, would your teen stop them or join them? >> look at my son's face. oh, he is so uncomfortable. >> our cameras are secretly rolling while their parents are secretly watching. face to face with a bully. >> you can see how they're ringing her in. >> see what they did. >> there are hidden cameras. >> i know, i'm sorry. >> my gosh. >> what about your kids. >> let's see what happened. "my kid would never bully." >>> good evening and welcome to "dateline." i'm ann curry. president obama is taking on bullies, planning a conference to focus in our schools and tonight we take an in-depth look at the issue with the help of hidden cameras, typical teenagers and willing parents. you'll see how teens react when confronted with bullying. it'
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them is to go after their appearance. >> reporter: so we've hired two actresses to show us how it's done. play the classic mean girls, and bully another actress in front of the unsuspecting teens. and one more thing, we've set up a room with monitoring down the hall so the girls' parents can watch it all, hoping their kids would never bully. our first group of parents and teens arrive. >> hi, my name is ashley. >> i'm alician pi. >> i'm shaquilla. >> alexis. >> reporter: she has a responsibility to step. >> shanee you can't stand by and be a neutral bystander. either you're with her or against her >> alexis' mother thinks her daughter would help out other girls. >> she's a friend to her friends and really cares about people. >> reporter: and ashley's mom knows what she'd like her girl to do. >> my expectation is she'll find a way to try to say nice things to the person being hurt. >> reporter: that person today is jessica an actress we've hired to be picked on for the way she's dressed. unfortunately, it's a roll she's also played in real life. >> i've been called names like ugly
healthy choice. [ female announcer ] little acts like using less material can make a meaningful impact. ♪ because everybody wins when you use less. switch to future friendly products from p&g, like new concentrated tide powder detergent. with 24% less packaging and more stain-fighting power. future friendly from p&g. >> >>> tori and dean were gone. san diego detectives were piecing together tori's life. her mother, dayna, was planning a double final farewell. >> how do you have a funeral for your only child and her brand new baby? >> in a daze, in a daze. >> did you think about drinking again? >> never. >> seems like that would be a time when you would think about it. >> i would never dishonor her that way. i made mistakes when she was growing up with my drinking. i wasn't going to make them in death. >> but dayna was aching. she bought 43 books on grieving, hoping in vain that one would yield a clue to living through the brutal murder of a daughter and grandson. she also looked for answers from the san diego police but didn't find them there either. they told her they were working t
it by phone. >> for these veteran homicide detectives, it's a part of the job they never get used to. later that night, they met tabitha outside her mother's home. this is always the hardest part. >> do you want to sit in your car? will you be more comfortable? >> i'm fine. >> okay. >> our cameras stayed at a respectful distance. they asked her about the items found with the body. >> do you know what kind of sheets your mom has on her bed? have you ever seen something that's like a leopard design? >> yeah, those are my sister's old sheets. >> describe being out here with tabitha, ginger's daughter. >> that was the hardest night. we found a ring her mom would have and we were standi ining o there and talked to her. >> that was her ring. somebody else was wearing it and they coincidentally happen to have -- >> no. >> we told her we found the ring. it was pretty emotional. >> do you need a hug? it's okay if you do. i have daughters. i'm okay with that. >> you know, she was crying obviously. and we didn't know if she was alone. her mom was the only one here for her. we were concerned about, did
was brilliant, cunning, ruthless woman. >> three lives lost in a deadly triangle. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm ann curry. this is a story of a death in a military but one that happened thousands of miles from a battlefield. a dedicated military man who survived war zones to be caught in the cross fire of a lover's triang triangle. here's keith morrison. >> what was she thinking? when she went to the computer? when she typed in those five little words? did she not understand where those little words might lead? >> where are you at? okay. what's your name? >> michelle. >> michelle was no doubt about it dissatisfied. here she was young, successful, attractive and, yet, wasn't exact exactly bordome eating at michelle. she started a new career as a psychologist offering counseling new couples. >> she was relatively new with her life. i think that was her first real job. >> michelle would have laughed at the idea that pretty soon now evens would propel her to such notoriety that newspaper reporters like melissa stoddard diaz would be poking around in her past. >> michelle, from everyone i've spoke
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't expect them to. you can't process me with a normal brain. >> strong people have relapsed, started using again. >> fools. trolls. weak. defeated. they allowed defeat to be an option. i will not. i'm not saying i'll never have a glass of champagne or wine because those are things you celebrate with. >> when i asked if the alcohol use had anything to do with depression, the tiger blood seemed to do the talking. >> well, i think depression is a choice and today i choose not to be depressed. look at my life it's rocket ship to the moon and beyond. i'm going to win inside every moment. that's sort of -- the score is like a bazillion to zero. >> on this rocket ship, charlie sheen is on his own by choice. >> has your father, martin sheen, or your brothers come to you and said, time to fix this up, man? time to get back on track? >> they tried. but i said, i'm not ready. i'm not interested in your rhetoric right now. i appreciate yir love and compassion, if that's what you want to call it, but no, i'm 45 years old. i'm not interested in people treating me like a 12-year-old. >> even your own fat
like was just -- is impossible for us totake. >> that? >> scale of 1 to 10, probably a 7. >> as kristen lay unconscious in ner ifaga wasike olike the re o bandages, blood, more see s wa. t el breathing d -- >> every member of the family spent hours watching over kristen in those early days. but one of them never left kristen's side, her mom pat. >> my poor baby. you know, how could this happen to her? >> exactly what did happen here is a question that would consume not just kristen's family but investigators and prosecutors as well. together, the road rash on h body and a long trail of blood on the asphalt suggested kristen might have been hit by a car or faen from acar they could to ma whoever hurt kristen was found and brought to justice. but the investigation's key witness, kristen herself, was still unconscious and fighting for her life. >> i said, kristen, i just need you to get up one more time. ♪ ♪ oh. thank you, baby. mmm. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's new mccafé shakes. with a fresh look and delicious new toppings, they're a brand-new way to indulge. new mccafé shakes. t
." brian williams will be here tomorrow. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> i've been informed that it was recognized. >> very peaceful. >> with that special ring, prince william asked catherine middleton for her hand in marriage. >> obviously she's not around to share any of the fun, excitement so this is my way of keeping her sort of close to it all. >> she was after all a huge presence in his life as a young boy. their bond exceptionally close. and as prince william and kate prepare for their big day, we can't help but remember shy diana spencer and her storied engagement to prince charles. july 29th, 1981, a day of royal carriages, silk cafta dresses and diamond tiaras, hard to remember now maybe, but in that moment, it seemed like the perfect storybook romance. >> something like you dream about and it was all there in reality. >> all the pomp, all the pageantry, it had everything. >> yeah, it's the stuff
. >> patrick general son would later become her private secretary. >> she used to reminisce about the normality of that life sharing the flat with three girlfriends. she looked back on that with a wistful memory. >> she was part of the sloane rangers. >> that would be somebody that might not be a lady or dutchess or have a title, might be from land of gentry, from old money an old waelt. >> for someone running in those circles, she lived modestly, taking a job teaching kindergarten in fall of 1979. >> she had a magical touch with children. she certainly was very warm and cozy to be around. >> diana loved working with children. so much so that she went looking for a second job. she showed up on this little street to apply for a position as a nanny. >> so now you open the door and you see this vision on the doorstep. >> mary robertson is an american who was living in london with her husband pat and their six month old son, patrick. she found diana through an agency. >> she was lovely. that wonderful glossy hair, looking up from under those signature bangs, and she said well, you know, mrs. robert
. >> the star indicates the location of the earthquake when it occurred in the u.s. >> reporter: dr. rick nabb is the expert on earthquakes and waves. he said it was too close to the epicenter to avoid being hit. >> the tsunami was generated quickly and reached japan with very little warning, if any, for people in northern japan. >> reporter: today's devastation was caused when the earth's plates shifted under the water and pushed the ocean upwards and out. >> it has to be at least a 7 or more in order to generate a tsunami. this was 8.9. it had the up and down motion exerted on the water that generated the tsunami. it's the magnitude, and where it occurs. >> reporter: once it builds up a head of steam nothing stops it. >> water is heavy. it essentially pushes the water inland. it's like a big car. then this fast-moving, heavy water is filled with debris. all of that is very, very dangerous. even just the force of the water can kill someone in the path of a tsunami. >> reporter: as japan struggled to deal with the aftermath, it was becoming clear. this disaster wasn't over yet. hundreds of mil
seemed to be a wreck. >> we were both crying. both of us out of control. >> maybe kit's killer was oust of control, too. the place was a mess. the tv haphazardly placed near the front door, the speakers ripped from the walls, a potted plant fallen on the floor. the chaotic scene, her skirt and underwear pulled down like somebody had raped her, killed her, started to burglarize the house, then left before he was done. but to the police back then it looked phony, like things had been staged somehow. no sign of forced entry, just the rear sliding door slightly ajar, the same entry, by the way, that henry slipped through to find her body. back then, at the end of that weekend in january of '83, police set out to interview people in kit's inner circle, including henry. >> was he questioned closely? >> oh, yeah. we both were. >> of course, police also called gregory, kit's estranged husband. >> i got a call that kitty was dead. >> 27 years later, he says, the memory still haunts him. >> i remember sitting at the table shaking. >> just shivering. >> shivering. i was just upset. >> in a flash,
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score at home with us. that's -- that's just trying to keep the scorecard up to date in the dugout. so go through that and tell me where we are now, will you? >> mike: neal. neal's still in the game. >> jon: there he is, yeah i see him. oh, somebody is keeping score. now i would go with theirs rather than the one in the dugout. 3-1 the count to rohlinger, up for the first time in the game. so there is rohlinger. right beneath crawford. in the spot of the order in which pablo sandoval had been. pablo hit the ball well a couple of times tonight but ended up 1 for 4. and it's a walk for rohlinger. so the bases are loaded now against scott munter for another giants rookie charlie culberson. we've seen culberson put on a show with the glove a few times down here. late in games when he's been in. >> mike: he's got a nice compact swing and he's strong. i think the best part of his game right now is his bat. >> jon: culberson only 21 years old. fouls this one away. he's 0 for 1 in this game. 1 for 11 in the cactus league. last year, he really emerged as a hitter. he hit .290 at san jose with 1
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)